Foundation is Key

Should children be controlled by parents?

Our kids are our greatest treasures. Our hearts melt and our lips smile when we hear the giggle of babies. Words cannot express the happiness we feel when we see their first step and hear their first word. The love of a parent to a child is just incomparable.

Parents want to make sure their children will have the best life possible. That they would become great people with great character, great careers and make the right decisions. But because of this, some parents become a little too strict and closely monitor their children 24/7. They  want their children’s life to be perfect and don’t let them try new things on their own and learn by the experience of failing.  Some provide rules for their children’s “protection” like not allowing them to go home beyond 6pm, go anywhere aside from school and home, go on overnight activities, going out with friends, having boyfriends / girlfriends. These are just to name a few.


A healthy dose of discipline is important but over-protection would make children be too dependent on parents all the time and suffer later in their lives when they need to get out of their parent’s “protection”. Over-protecting is like keeping children in a sterilised room and free of all germs. That may seem to be a good idea for a while but when the time comes that they need to get our of that room and be on their own, all kinds of germs would easily take the children down due to their weak immune system.


If we want our children to have the best life possible, We should not focus on creating a “cleaner room” to contain them. But instead, work on developing their real life immune system. Make the foundation of their immune system strong enough to fight the harsh reality of everyday life filled with all kinds of problems and challenges.


The Key

You cannot follow your child all their lives and don’t forget that time will come when you will have to leave them in this world on their own. So what you can really do is make sure that at a young age they already know what is right and wrong. What is good and bad.


Basic life principles as simple as knowing what is good and bad is the most important foundation you need to plant deep inside their heart and mind. An inner compass that they could rely on when they are confused. So that no matter where they go, who they are with, or what they go through in life, you are confident that they will know what to do.
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  1. foundation is the key.meaning our childrens success are base on us as dr parents it is how we trained them to dr journey

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