Is It Wrong To Be Wrong?

Years ago when my cousin was 4 years old, he was scolded by his mother because he did not want to finish his meal.  His mother angrily said “Finish your food! Do you know how many kids in the world are starving right now and with no food to eat!?”. Then my cousin curiously replied, “If I eat this food, will those kids not feel hungry anymore?”. We were laughing when his mother told me this story. She did not know what to respond and realized she never thought of that before.

My friend’s little cousin  was  5 years old when she taught me step by step how to draw a mermaid. The way she explained it does not seem to look so good because she said the mermaid does not have a nose, but nonetheless  she was very confident of what she was saying. When I asked her “Do you really know how to draw?”,  she promptly replied  “Yes” with a facial expression that says “Of course. duuh?”.

The common thing about these kids is they are not afraid of being wrong, they have natural self confidence, and they are very creative thinkers. Studies show that children are remarkably more creative than most adults. They always “Think Outside The Box”. If children don’t how to do something, they will just go and try doing it many times in many ways to find out. If they don’t know the answer to something, they don’t hesitate to ask. But us “adults” are usually very careful with everything we say, ask, or do because it might be wrong or other people might find it stupid. We do not want to commit mistakes in anything we do. We would prefer not doing anything than risk doing something wrong.

How did this amazing natural confidence of children disappear by the time they become adults? It was sucked out of them as they grow up largely because of the Modern School System. Children spend the first 30% of their lives in schools, from childhood to adulthood. School teaches us that being wrong is unacceptable. School teaches us that committing a mistake is the worst thing you could do and you will be punished every time you fail. Even the psychological punishment of failing in school such as humiliation, feeling worthless and a disappointment to the family is already traumatic enough to make students feel depressed and commit suicides. One of the worst example is India, where statistics shows that one (1) student commits suicide every hour.

But when you observe life, you will see that it is full of trial and error.  It is normal to go through failures on your way to success.  Ask any successful person about their journey and sure enough, they probably failed many times. If failing is an inevitable part of the journey to success then why doesn’t schools teach us that? Because in the first place, schools were not made to make people successful in life.  Some people might become successful with the help of schools but that is not it’s main purpose. The Modern School System was just made and designed to fulfill the needs of the Industrial Revolution 150 years ago. It was a time when there was a massive demand for factory workers and manual labor. It’s goal is to produce people with the skills required to work in factories. That is why the school system don’t care about what you want to learn or what talents you have. Factories don’t need that. Factories already know what skills they need so schools only teach you whatever are the requirements of factories or businesses. What makes this so bad is they teach the same thing and the same way to all their students regardless of their diverse talents, strengths, and preferences. This results in destroying the individuality, confidence and creativity of children. This destructive school system has not really changed for the past 150 years, that is why many children today feel  bored, stressed, unhappy,  or even hate going to school. This current school system is just not fit for this time and generation of people.

The Industrial Age is long gone. We now live in a time where most things are automated.  The Internet, Robots and Artificial Intelligence is taking over industries making businesses super efficient. We do not need more manual laborers because robots can do that for us. What technology cannot replace is creativity and art. We now need people who don’t only know what to think but also, knows how to think.  Innovative minds. People who do or create things in clever ways. People who are confident in their unique talents and abilities. People who are not afraid of trying new things. People who are not afraid of the possibility of being wrong.

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19 Comments on “Is It Wrong To Be Wrong?”

  1. Getting wrong is one of the lesson learn we got…We need to failed sometimes so that next time we better know what to do.

  2. for me, its wrong to be wrong. But as a human, we are all capable to do wrong since no body is perfect. But the important thing is we are learning from it, that could lead us to make things right.

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