When is the right time to Marry?

“When I have my own house, my own car, a stable job, and some savings. Then that’s the time I will marry.”

Sounds familiar? That is what most young adults say and promise to themselves.  But why? Being married means you will have a partner that will help you and work with you to reach your goals from now on. Don’t we all want that?

I don’t think the problem is being married. The problem is what people think when they hear the word “marriage”. People automatically relate marriage to having kids, paying bills, no freedom, and the start of a hard life.  When in fact, marriage has nothing to do with having kids or having a specific kind of lifestyle. You are not required to have kids when you are married. You are not required to have a specific kind of lifestyle when you are married. The only thing you are required to do when married is to become partners for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, and only in death will you part. It is all just about being partners in life whatever happens.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So  if you are lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship, you are with someone that shares important principles and perspective in life, and you both would love to work and support each other reaching your dreams throughout your lives, then this may be a great time to get married already! Do not mind if think you are still incapable to raise  children, don’t have your dream house,  own car,  or still building your career. All those things will be the milestones you will both learn and work on as you start your married life and as you slowly reach your goals one by one, you will experience great feelings of fulfillment and happiness as a couple and strengthen your relationship even more in the process.

Do not compare yourselves to the filtered “perfect couple goals” you see that go viral in social media showing their dream wedding, dream house,  or dream vacation. Because it is not about the achievement. Fulfillment does not come from the achievement itself, it comes from the process of working together with your partner.  So it does not really matter what goals you will achieve, or if you are deemed unsuccessful in the eyes of society. What matters most is you both help each other hand-in-hand all throughout the way in the ups and downs of life. You grow together and truly enjoy the journey itself.

Many years from now, when you could just sit and smile as you say to your partner, “Thank you for being with me all this time, everything we have now would not be possible without you by my side”, Then you could certainly say you had a great marriage.

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  1. the right time to marry is when you are already matured enough to know your bigger responsibility and you the deffirent between single and married

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